Energy Saving Heat Pump System – Air to Water Ultimate Heating Machine

Synergy Compact Series Heat Pump System

Double duct at top
Air outlet and inlet is designed at top for ducting connection. Double energy system by air-water technology and smart auxiliary electrical heater. Offer hot water in short time
for emergent request.

Smart control: Micro-computer intelligent panel, three operation modes to choose.

Synergy Split Series Heat Pump System

Smart convenient: Screen, control panel equipped on water tank. Simple operation and smart control.
Powerful heart: International brand “Panasonic” compressor, stable operation & energy-efficient. Energy-efficeint: Huge corrugated hydrophilic aluminium foil heat exchanger fin, higher capacity. Elegant exterior: colorful steel shell, digital automatic welding technology, higher corrosion proof. Energy saving and insulation: 50mm thickness and 40kg/m3 density polyurethane disposal foaming thermal insulation.

Flow resisting mixed-proof: Double thermal sensor to control water temp accurately, prevent hot and cold water mixing.

Reverse defrosting: Smart reverse defrosting control technology, unaffected by cold weather. Applicable occasion: Family shower for 2 – 8 people; Spa; Kitchen; Sanitary Water Use; Applicable ambient temperature: -7°C ~ 43°C.

Synergy SPA Pool Heat Pump System

(Side Ventilation)
1. Casing: Galvanized steel or optional with stainless steel.

2. Adopt Titanium heat exchanger, effective erosion proof and durable. Ensure working in high efficiency and longer life.

3. High efficiency compressor with R417A refrigerant.

4. Multi rows evaporator, hydrophilic aluminium fins which could reducing drag, and the surface not easy to bear water.

5. Intelligent controller and adjustment by quick-mind microprocessor.

6. Automatic defrosting function (with four way valve inside).

7. Multiple protections to protect the compressor and the heat exchanger, like anti-freezing protection, water flow protection, over high pressure protection, over low pressure protection insufficient water flow protection etc.

Synergy Swimming Pool Heat Pump System

Comparison of an application for special occasions in the heat pump cycle engineering units.
Used by special units to deal with anti-corrosion properties and good water heat exchanger, can withstand the heat treatment time and will not affect the heat transfer performance of ring, long life, high efficiency. The appearance and structure of the new design, installation more convenient. Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heat Pump compared to other high-temperature, flow rate greater energy-efficient.

Range of applications: swimming pools, public baths, pools and other breeding.