Solar Hot Water System – Save Energy Save Our World

The Product

1. Electrical boost with thermostatic cutout.

2. 1.5mm Superior Grade 304 stainless steel storage cylinder. (Natural barrier to corrosion)

3. Efficient CFC free thermal insulation High Density Pressure Injected Foam.

4. Aluminium absorber panel with Matt Black selective surface to maximize heat absorption.

5. Multiple copper riser tubes for high heat transfer and more absorption.

6. Large diameter copper header tubes.

7. Durable weatherproof aluminium stucco.

8. Low iron tempered glass for strength and maximum transmission of solar radiation.

9. Lightweight casing made from Marine Grade Aluminium.

Method of Installation

Why – EZ Hot Solar Hot Water System

1. Benefits
Free Hot Water From The Sun
• The sun’s energy is clean, infinite and free.

• After a hard day’s work, steaming hot showers awaits you and in the cold morning, hot water to wash up.

• No more waiting, just turn on the tap and here comes steaming hot water. Minimal Maintenance

• No mechanical parts to wear and tear as the only moving part is water.

• No electrical hazards, safe for your family.

2. How It Works – Direct Heating Systems
In a direct heating system…
• Cold water is supplied to the hot water storage tank and the solar collectors directly.

• When the heat energy from the sun is absorted by the solar collectors, the cold water
becomes hot and rises to the storage tank by themosyphon principle.

3. Assurance
EZ Hot Solar Hot Water Systems provides full technical back-up support for ordinary
service calls right down to service programs when required.

4. Applications
Homes, hotels, resorts, sports clubs, golf clubs, hospitals, hostels, restaurants,
factories and many more.